Gold Rush: California IRS Tax Lien Lists

We are pleased to announce that we now offer access to a significant portion of IRS liens filed in the Golden State. Our tax lien lists provide businesses the opportunity to contact IRS debtors who have had a fresh federal IRS tax lien filed against them in the state of California.

We compile our California lien lists at least once a week to provide our clients with the newest data possible. Our clients are usually the first party to contact individuals with tax liens which gives you the best odds of converting new IRS debtors into paying clients.  Send a letter using our Excel (.xls and .xlsx) spreadsheets, or append our raw data to get phone numbers from a 3rd party provider!

Contact us today and let’s launch your custom marketing project. We help CPAs, EAs, and Tax Attorneys get started on successful campaigns that build their business and help taxpayers with an immediate need for service. Call Houston at 321-337-4172 to chat about this opportunity. He’s also happy to talk shop and discuss tax lien marketing best practices including what’s worked for him over the years in his small EA practice.

2015 Expanded Coverage

Big news! Just recently we’ve dramatically expanded our geographic coverage for where our IRS tax lien records are available. How’d we do it? We hired researchers to physically visit hundreds of county offices each week. This is a very, very big deal. If you buy our lists it’ll give you an edge over your competition. High-quality lists available sooner and still at very low prices… it’s a no-brainer to contact us today.

Some of our newly available states & counties:

North Carolina
– Mecklenburg
– Wake
– Guilford
– Forsyth
– Durham
– Gaston
– Cumberland
– Alamance
– dozens more

New York
– Suffolk
– Onondaga
– Nassau
– we already cover NYC & other NY counties

– Arlington
– Loudoun
– Henrico
– Prince William
– Richmond
– Chesterfield
– Virginia Beach

New Jersey
– Monmouth
– Bergen
– Nassau
– Camden
– Orange
– Mercer
– Hudson
– Burlington
– we already cover most NJ

– King
– Benton
– we already cover most WA

– Hidalgo
– Nueces
– Harris (Houston)
– we already cover most TX

– Hennepin
– Dakota

– East Baton Rouge

– New Castle

– Philadelphia
– Dauphin

– Frederick

– Davidson

New Mexico
– Bernalillo

– Pinal
– Mohave
– we already cover most AZ

– Douglas

And some more areas we’ve added shortly after this posted:

– Los Angeles
– Ventura
– San Bernardino
– Various other counties statewide

– Milwaukee

– Harrison


– Oakland
– Genesee


– Kennebec
– Lincoln


– Sedgwick

So you might be asking, “Andrew, why’s this such a big deal?!” The short answer: No one has better IRS tax lien records than we do. It might surprise you that most of our competitors sell outdated IRS tax lien records and sometimes they’re not even actual IRS liens! I learned this in 2010 when I bought a list from a large data broker. Sadly it took me $3,100 in wasted postage and printing to find out that the list wasn’t even IRS tax lien debtors.

Fortunately, that expensive mistake is what led me to start I knew that the value accurate and fresh data was worth the extra effort. Five years later and we’re still innovating, still delivering custom lien lists to entrepreneurs across the country, and still calling out the lazy list brokers when they sell garbage.

Contact us today and let’s talk about what we can do to help you reach more new clients. Call, text, or email our lien specialist Houston at 321-337-4172 and learn what’s worked for us and our Enrolled Agent-led tax problem resolution practice.

Colorado IRS Tax Lien Lists

We’re happy to announce that we’ve gained access to a significant portion of IRS liens filed in Colorado. If your business needs to contact IRS tax debtors with a recent lien filed in CO, sending them a letter or calling them before your competitor does is extremely important. We compile records in Colorado (and dozens of other states) at least once per week so that your tax resolution practice has the first shot at these lucrative, motivated potential clients. Send a letter using our Excel (.xls and .xlsx) spreadsheets, or append our raw data to get phone numbers from a 3rd party provider!

Contact us today and let’s launch your custom marketing project. We help CPAs, EAs, and Tax Attorneys get started on successful campaigns that build their business and help taxpayers in need. Call Houston at 321-337-4172 to chat about best practices for tax lien marketing and what has worked for us over the years at our EA TaPR firm.


Quality, Quantity and Pricing of IRS Liens

Answering Your Three Big Questions

Here at we help Tax Problem Resolution professionals reach fresh new lien recipients. It’s what works the best at our tax practice and we want to share best practices with other professionals. There’s no shortage of work to be done helping taxpayers and we can’t eat the whole pie ourselves.

I enjoy running this site because I frequently get to speak with new tax professionals and entrepreneurs. Sometimes it’s a fresh EA looking for a few hundred  records a month and other times it’s the owner of a nationwide firm seeking thousands a week. The conversation always moves through three questions: quality, quantity and pricing.


We collect IRS lien records using a team of highly experienced human researchers. Most other companies sell data acquired from databases. This makes our approach slightly more costly but it produces higher quality. The records are fresher (we check records in hundreds of counties and dozens of states each week) and we scrub them for duplicates and clean the addresses with sophisticated software so fewer get returned-to-sender.

Database-supplied companies routinely sell three-week-old data that they know nothing about. Most of the time they won’t pull out recent duplicate name/address combos like we do. They’ll rarely know what they’re talking about since the next person who calls them could be asking for a list of lis pendens filings in Dallas or a list of expectant mothers in Ohio. We specialize in IRS tax liens.

I started doing things this way after buying a junk list from an unnamed large supplier. That list ended up being mostly bankruptcy filings with no tax debt. The $3,200 I spent on postage, printing, and data was an expensive lesson but it got me started doing it a better way. When my tax pro friends began asking me for help with their marketing I created this site. This is why our quality’s better; I approached it from the perspective of the tax professional.


We start our collections at a face value of $5,000 or $7,500 depending on the location. After removing duplicates and known bad addresses we’re collecting about 1,500 records per week (2016 update: now averaging over 3,000/wk!). This is an average and it can range from 1,200 to past 2,000 2,500 to over 3,800. If you need a quantity estimate for your target market, minimum lien filing, businesses or individuals-only, etc. please email or call Andrew.


This is a tricky question since a buyer of a few hundred IRS liens per month will pay more per record than a nationwide buyer of the several thousand fresh records per week that we track down. But to provide a ballpark here are some typical buyers:

$0.40/ea. for local pulls of a few hundred records sent once each month.
$0.35/ea. for an average of 300 records sent once per week.
$0.30/ea. for an average of 500 records sent once per week.
$0.25/ea. for nationwide weekly lists over $7,500.
$0.20/ea.  for 2,500+ at a time.

Please call our lien specialist Houston at 321-337-4172 or email us for pricing specific to your needs. We’re happy to talk through the best way to get results from your tax problem resolution marketing dollar.

Florida Federal Tax Liens

IRS Tax Liens in Florida is based in Orlando, The City Beautiful, and offers IRS tax lien records from across the country. We’ve collected liens locally for several years now for local tax practices (including the author’s own, Insight Tax Services), but it was through meeting other professionals at ASTPS, FSEA and IRS events that we decided to offer our service to other tax pros.

Since the beginning of the site we’ve had very strong coverage throughout the state of Florida. Nearly all of the 67 counties are researched on a weekly basis and we collect about 300 to 500 records per week in FL alone. We mail to some of these debtors yet we don’t mind sending our colleagues (including a couple in Orlando!) these marketing lists the very same day we get them.

If you’re an Enrolled Agent, Tax Attorney, or CPA looking for highly motivated new clients, IRS tax lien records are the resource you need. Direct mail is a cost-effective and scalable way to reach more taxpayers who need help and we provide the best quality lists at a fair price (and not just in Florida!). To learn more call or text Houston at 321-337-4172 or reach him via email:

Chicago Illinois IRS Tax Liens has added Chicago, Illinois IRS liens to the weekly search service. We’re averaging about 125 business and individual records per week that have a recorded amount of $7,500+. Chicagoland and Northern Illinois tax practices will want to tap into this valuable source of new IRS tax problem resolution leads as the lowest hanging fruit in their marketing equation.

Call Houston today to discuss how our service works at (321) 337-4172, or email him at We work in a small tax practice in Florida and either of my two employees, Houston and Tom, are all happy to share our know-how on what’s worked for us. My team of researchers collect hundreds of new records everyday from around the country and can jump start your Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Lawyer-based tax problem resolution business by implementing a marketing campaign to fresh federal tax lien recipients.

Andrew R. Schaefer, EA
Insight Tax Services
Orlando, Florida

New Hampshire IRS Tax Liens

Thanks to our focus on continually improving our research methods and staffing, is pleased to offer IRS tax lien record lists filed on residents in the state of New Hampshire. Our service now covers nearly the entire state of NH, including Hillsborough, Rockingham, Strafford, Grafton, Cheshire, Balknap, Sullivan and Cocos Counties. Major cities and towns covered include Manchester, Nashua, Derry, Dover, Rochester and Salem.

Call Houston today at 1-321-337-4172 or contact him via email ( We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through best practices. Sending direct mail to recent IRS debtors can jump start your Enrolled Agent (EA), CPA or Tax Attorney-based tax problem resolution practice.

IRS Resumes NYC and NJ Tax Liens

IRS Resumes Collections Efforts in NYC and NJ

You may recall from our earlier post that IRS had paused most collections enforcement actions in November of 2012. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen post-Hurricane Sandy IRS lien filings start again in New York City and New Jersey. The total counts are still a bit slow in certain areas, but we do see liens being filed back to nearly full capacity in NYC.

Does your tax problem resolution practice need fresh records of tax lien recipients in NYC, New Jersey, or other areas around the country? Call Houston at 321-337-4172 or email to learn how we may help your marketing efforts.

Arizona IRS Lien Records

IRS Tax Lien Marketing Lists in Arizona has now added Arizona to the states in which we collect IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien records. Updated weekly, we cover the major counties of Maricopa, Yavapai, Yuma and more. Your tax problem resolution CPA EA or JD practice can now target the Phoenix, Mesa, Flagstaff and Prescott markets among many others in the Grand Canyon State. Every list we sell includes the date filed, amount owed, tax type and balance, and the full name and mailing address of the recipient; sample spreadsheet available upon request. Combine Arizona IRS lien lists with other areas and get our best ratex with weekly updates, or just choose your preferred counties and target only your local market.

Call Houston today at 321-337-4172 and we’ll talk about your options for reaching the freshest leads in their moment of need for your services! Feel free to contact us using the message page or send an email to to talk about best practices and how we can help your practice expand rapidly.

Credit Card Factoring & Merchant Cash Advance

We’ve recently had several new customers buying our IRS tax lien leads from the Accounts Receivable Financing and Business Cash Advance Industries. Most of our marketing list clients are tax problem resolution practice owners (CPA’s, EA’s and JD’s), but it makes sense that other professionals are seeking out fresh IRS federal tax lien recipients since they’re such a valuable source of new business.

There are millions of individuals and businesses with tax problems in the US. Whether it’s a local medical office, convenience store, restaurant, or even a multi-million dollar industrial firm, plenty of businesspeople that accept payments through credit cards and lines of credit have tax problems. When the Internal Revenue Service steps up its collections efforts, these cashflow intense businesses need money right away! There’s no better way to find highly motivated leads for credit card factoring and advances than to follow IRS to their doorstep.

Call or email Houston Lopez, our lien project manager at, to get ideas about the best ways to reach these hot leads with your product or service. You can reach him directly at 321-337-4172 or email: We’ll be happy to help you find exactly the right marketing leads that have been waiting for your call or letter!