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My name is Andrew R. Schaefer, and I’m an Enrolled Agent and small business owner from Orlando, Florida. I own Schaefer & Associates LLC, a company that performs tax services and compiles public records lists. I also work with retired IRS Special Agent Jose Ayala at Ayala Tax Services where we specialize in fixing IRS tax problems for people in Central Florida and across the country.

Our business has used tax lien records for marketing purposes ever since I joined the company, and it’s been one of our best tools to meet new clients. After talking with a great group of tax pros at an American Society of Tax Problem Solvers seminar in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I realized that we need to work together to follow best practices in our small businesses. Not only to deliver good results (the primary goal) but also to keep our phones ringing with people seeking our help.

This is why I created FederalTaxLienSearch.com. We will help Enrolled Agents, CPA’s and Tax Attorneys build their practice by providing them with a great marketing tool: IRS Federal Tax Lien names and addresses customized for their target market.

Submit a records search request right now and we’ll let you know how we can help.