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Gold Rush: California IRS Tax Lien Lists

We are pleased to announce that we now offer access to a significant portion of IRS liens filed in the Golden State. Our tax lien lists provide businesses the opportunity to contact IRS debtors who have had a fresh federal IRS tax lien filed against them in the state of California. We compile our California lien lists at least once a week […]

2015 Expanded Coverage

Big news! Just recently we’ve dramatically expanded our geographic coverage for where our IRS tax lien records are available. How’d we do it? We hired researchers to physically visit hundreds of county offices each week. This is a very, very big deal. If you buy our lists it’ll give you an edge over your competition. High-quality lists available sooner and still at very low […]

IRS Resumes NYC and NJ Tax Liens

IRS Resumes Collections Efforts in NYC and NJ You may recall from our earlier post that IRS had paused most collections enforcement actions in November of 2012. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen post-Hurricane Sandy IRS lien filings start again in New York City and New Jersey. The total counts are still a bit slow in […]

NYC and NJ IRS Liens Suspended

IRS Suspends Collections Efforts in NYC and NJ Hurricane Sandy has disrupted millions of lives in the New York and New Jersey metro areas. Thankfully, IRS has appeared to grant a brief respite to collections efforts against taxpayers living in some of the hardest-hit areas. Last month, I spoke with a Revenue Officer in Queens, […]

Search IRS Federal Tax Liens

Search For IRS Tax Lien Records The majority of the emails and calls we receive at FederalTaxLienSearch.com are from Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys seeking IRS Federal Tax Lien lists for marketing purposes. But aside from tax pros, we also hear from taxpayers inquiring about their own IRS Tax Lien. There are free online resources […]

Largest Tax Problem Firm Goes Bust

Taxmasters Files Bankruptcy Petition Not three months after tax problem resolution giant JK Harris shut their doors, the next biggest company in the industry looks to be on their way out as well. Taxmasters has filed for voluntary bankruptcy protection, which was announced on March 16th. Thanks to Jay Freeborne at Tax Problem Resolution Blog for […]

Georgia IRS Federal Tax Lien Records

Georgia IRS Federal Tax Lien Records FederalTaxLienSearch.com has added the entire state of Georgia to the records we can collect for your tax problem resolution practice. That means if you’re in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens or other Georgia cities/counties, you can order regularly updated and fully filterable IRS FTL records. This is perfect for […]

Lifestyles of the CNC and Famous

Is Casey Anthony’s IRS Tax Problem Resolved? Besides to protect their interest in all property, one of the main reasons the IRS files Federal Tax Liens is to notify the public that a business or individual owes the government money. Because credit bureaus collect this information,  lenders are more wary of extending credit to FTL recipients. […]

Intro to Tax Lien Mailings

If you’re a tax practitioner, sending mail to potential clients with a recently filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien is the proverbial “lowest hanging fruit” of your marketing campaign. These individuals have an immediate need for extensive tax services, and they usually have no idea where to turn and what their options are. The opportunity […]

Thoughts on Telemarketing

Is it OK to Call IRS Tax Lien Recipients? While I was at the National Tax Forums last week, I spoke with an IRS Special Agent based in Jacksonville. She works for TIGDA and we discussed some of the problems they’re seeing in the field when it comes to tax lien marketing. The one repeated […]