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Category: Tax Lien Marketing Tips

2015 Expanded Coverage

Big news! Just recently we’ve dramatically expanded our geographic coverage for where our IRS tax lien records are available. How’d we do it? We hired researchers to physically visit hundreds of county offices each week. This is a very, very big deal. If you buy our lists it’ll give you an edge over your competition. High-quality lists available sooner and still at very low […]

Quality, Quantity and Pricing of IRS Liens

Answering Your Three Big Questions Here at FederalTaxLienSearch.com we help Tax Problem Resolution professionals reach fresh new lien recipients. It’s what works the best at our tax practice and we want to share best practices with other professionals. There’s no shortage of work to be done helping taxpayers and we can’t eat the whole pie ourselves. I […]

Credit Card Factoring & Merchant Cash Advance

We’ve recently had several new customers buying our IRS tax lien leads from the Accounts Receivable Financing and Business Cash Advance Industries. Most of our marketing list clients are tax problem resolution practice owners (CPA’s, EA’s and JD’s), but it makes sense that other professionals are seeking out fresh IRS federal tax lien recipients since […]

Three Steps to Get Started

Jump Start Your Marketing Campaign My name’s Andrew Schaefer and I’m an Enrolled Agent here in Orlando, Florida. I run Insight Tax Services and fix people’s IRS tax problems everyday as my “main gig.” In my road to building my successful practice, I learned about what works and what doesn’t to reach new clients. The […]

IRS Tax Lien Record Counts

How to Request IRS Tax Lien Record Counts Practitioners regularly call asking for the number of records available for IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien recipients. The number is based on several criterion customers use as filters.   1. The state or metro area of the court where it was filed. – We currently collect […]

Search IRS Federal Tax Liens

Search For IRS Tax Lien Records The majority of the emails and calls we receive at FederalTaxLienSearch.com are from Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys seeking IRS Federal Tax Lien lists for marketing purposes. But aside from tax pros, we also hear from taxpayers inquiring about their own IRS Tax Lien. There are free online resources […]

Attorney Marketing Issues

Tax Problem Resolution Attorney Advertising Restrictions If you’re a lawyer, you likely know that there are significant Bar Association marketing rules to protect the public from unscrupulous counsel. Here in Florida, there is a plethora of rules one must abide by in order to stay within the regulations and keep one’s ability to practice law. […]

Write Your Tax Lien Marketing Letter

Write Your Tax Lien Marketing Letter I’ve spoken with several tax resolution practitioners that confidently declare they will build their practice with direct mail to emulate successful practices. Unfortunately, some get stuck when they have to design and write their mail piece. Let’s break down the process so you don’t join the ranks of the […]

Intro to Tax Lien Mailings

If you’re a tax practitioner, sending mail to potential clients with a recently filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien is the proverbial “lowest hanging fruit” of your marketing campaign. These individuals have an immediate need for extensive tax services, and they usually have no idea where to turn and what their options are. The opportunity […]