Massachusetts IRS Tax Lien Lists is now offering the State of Massachusetts on our weekly IRS Federal Tax Lien marketing lists. We’re averaging about 150 unique records per week, with a recorded lien amount of at least $5,000. If you want to tap into the lucrative Northeastern United States market for people who need tax help, subscribing to our weekly lists of Massachusetts IRS problem individuals and businesses is a great way to spend your marketing dollars.

Call Houston today at (321) 337-4172 or contact us via email ( and we’ll tell you how to get started. We collect hundreds of new records everyday and can jump start your CPA, EA or Attorney-based tax problem resolution business by using best marketing practices.

NYC and NJ IRS Liens Suspended

IRS Suspends Collections Efforts in NYC and NJ

Hurricane Sandy has disrupted millions of lives in the New York and New Jersey metro areas. Thankfully, IRS has appeared to grant a brief respite to collections efforts against taxpayers living in some of the hardest-hit areas.

Last month, I spoke with a Revenue Officer in Queens, NY who stated that collections efforts against most taxpayers would be suspended until February 2013. Around mid-November, we noticed that there was a dramatic fall-off in NJ and NYC Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) filings. Where we would normally see approx. 200 liens filed weekly, we saw it plunge to low double digits, and then to zero since just after Thanksgiving. This appears to have confirmed anecdotal evidence from our own clients in the NYC area, as well as what other tax problem representatives we’ve spoken with recently have stated.

While we wait to see what happens on the collections front in the NYC/Northern NJ metro area over the coming months, there are plenty of other marketing opportunities throughout the country for you to reach new clients seeking your help. Please call our lien project manager Houston at 321-337-4172 or email to discuss your options and get started today.

Three Steps to Get Started

Jump Start Your Marketing Campaign

My name’s Andrew Schaefer and I’m an Enrolled Agent here in Orlando, Florida. I run Insight Tax Services and fix people’s IRS tax problems everyday as my “main gig.” In my road to building my successful practice, I learned about what works and what doesn’t to reach new clients. The plain truth: Big faceless data brokers mostly sell pretty crummy marketing lists. Their records are usually at least a few weeks old, they have big minimum order amounts, and sometimes their records aren’t even real IRS liens! When my friends in the business started asking me for help, that’s when I started

People need my help more than ever once they’ve received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, so I figured out better ways to reach new clients in mid-Florida. And it’s not all that complicated! Here’s my step-by-step to get your phone ringing in just a few days:


1. Decide how many letters you want to send and where you want to send them. 

Let’s use NYC as an example. There’s about 150-200 liens filed per week in the boroughs of New York City. If that’s your backyard, you may want to choose the past one or more months to do a big one-time mailing, and then a mailing once a week with the newest filings. currently charges between 25 cents and 40 cents per record depending on your specs. Email Andrew at or call me at (321) 872-7742 and we’ll go over your options and cost.



2. Write your letter.

Tell your prospective client that you’re licensed, experienced, and can help them fix their tax problem. A single page printed off your inkjet printer is perfect. I find that being very plain-spoken works well, and I sign my first name on each letter and include a business card. Please email me at if you’d like to see my template letter with the mail-merge already set up. Here’s 500 of the envelope I use with a tough-to-beat price.



3. Mail your letters.

Buy rolls of forever stamps at the post office and put them on your envelopes. I have my assistant fold, stuff, and stamp each mail piece when we have a break in the day’s work. I find that using real stamps and not a postage meter makes the letters get noticed. If you’re doing a local campaign, be sure to make your address easy to spot.


That’s it! So why haven’t you gotten started yet? If you have any questions, I’d be happy to walk you through the steps. Give our lien project manager Houston Lopez a call at (321) 337-4172 or email him and let’s get you out there and helping people!


IRS Tax Liens In Texas

IRS Federal Tax Lien Records in More Texas Counties now offers even more records in Texas collected every week! Our team of researchers has gained access to Dallas/Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, and many other major metro areas. If you’re a CPA, EA, or tax attorney in these areas, we can get you the best fresh leads for new tax problem clients.

There are several hundred new records each week for you to use in your direct mailing and telephone marketing campaigns. You can have us sort by date, county, metro area, minimum amount owed, and business or individual records. Contact us or submit a records search to specify what sorts of records you want and let’s locate your future tax problem resolution clients!

IRS Tax Lien Record Counts

How to Request IRS Tax Lien Record Counts

Practitioners regularly call asking for the number of records available for IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien recipients. The number is based on several criterion customers use as filters.


1. The state or metro area of the court where it was filed.
– We currently collect tax liens in Florida, Ohio, New York City, Georgia, New Jersey and Texas   (2016 update: we now cover most of the country!).
– Other areas can be added upon request and after subsequent research for availability.

2. The dollar amount of the tax lien.
– $5k or $10k is the most common threshold.

3. Whether they want individuals, businesses, or both.
– Individuals are mostly 1040 debt, with the remaining few percent mostly 6662, 6672, and CIVP debts.
– Businesses are mostly payroll taxes such as 940 and 941, and also some 1120 debts.
– Most companies want both individual and business IRS tax debtors.

4. Whether they want to make a once-weekly collection (most common) or a one-time or occasional purchase.
– Weekly lists allow the advertiser to reach recent tax lien recipients.
– Occasional or one-time purchases are a great way to jump start a marketing campaign with lots of new leads.


Let’s try a case study.


The tax practitioner marketer has a practice located in New York City, and wants to get started with a direct mail campaign. Here are his search parameters:

– Over $5,000
– Individuals and Businesses
– Only NYC Filings

To begin, he may request the past one to four months of prior records. This will get lots of his letters in the hands of many potential customers that haven’t fixed their tax problem yet. With the above search filters, he would get about 700 records per month.

Next, he will request recently filed liens sent via email once a week. This would be about 150-200 records per week mainly consisting of filings within the past 7 days.


It’s as simple as that!


What’s holding you back from starting your direct mail campaign? Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have about getting started. You can reach Houston Lopez at 321-337-4172, or via email at

Search IRS Federal Tax Liens

Search For IRS Tax Lien Records

The majority of the emails and calls we receive at are from Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys seeking IRS Federal Tax Lien lists for marketing purposes. But aside from tax pros, we also hear from taxpayers inquiring about their own IRS Tax Lien. There are free online resources which can help individual taxpayers get a copy of their IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien.

Here are a few ways to find these records yourself (but first, a word from our sponsor).

1. Call Insight Tax Services.

My name is Andrew R. Schaefer and I’m an Enrolled Agent and owner of Insight Tax Services in Orlando, Florida. I help people nationwide with tax issues at my IRS tax problem resolution practice everyday. I stop levies, remove liens, and save taxpayers millions of dollars in taxes and penalties every year. I would be happy to provide you a free consultation to evaluate your options, including getting rid of your IRS Tax Lien. Please email me at or call 321-872-7742. If you’re looking to buy IRS tax lien lists for marketing purposes call my lien project specialist Houston Lopez at 321-337-4172.

2. Call the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has an office that will research your tax lien and fax or mail you a copy. You will have to verify you are the individual or business owner it was issued to, or that you have authorization (Form 2848 or Form 8821) to act on behalf of the recipient. Call the IRS Lien Department at 1-800-913-6050 to resolve basic and routine lien issues, such as verifying a lien, requesting lien payoff amount, or releasing an IRS Federal Tax Lien. Understanding A Federal Tax Lien (

3. Ask your County Clerk

IRS Notice of Federal Tax Liens are recorded at the county level on IRS Form 668 (Y) (c). Contact your county Clerk of Court to find these public records. You may have to pay a nominal fee of a dollar or less per record. Some counties offer free online searches for IRS Federal Tax Liens, while others make you subscribe or pay per record viewed. Many counties don’t offer any online record services. If you’re seeking just one record, it’s usually easiest to call the Clerk of Court and ask for help.

If you’re a tax pro, you need to be regularly sending letters to all IRS Tax Lien recipients in your target market. People with a new IRS Tax Lien need your help and are the very best people to reach in their time of need. Please call or email Houston Lopez, lien project manager here at, at 321-337-4172 or Contact Us by sending a message through the site. We can get you off the ground and into a highly targeted, cost-effective way to advertise your tax problem resolution services.

Ohio IRS Tax Lien Records

Get Ohio IRS Federal Tax Lien Records

Does your IRS tax problem resolution practice need to reach tax lien recipients in the Buckeye State? Good news! has begun compiling fresh IRS tax lien records from the state of Ohio. If you would like to reach taxpayers facing imminent IRS enforcement action, such as levies and wage garnishments, reaching them with your message before the competition does is vital. Do it with direct mail using our new Ohio IRS federal tax lien list service!

Contact us today and let’s launch your custom marketing project. We can assist your CPA, EA, or Tax Attorney practice with getting started on a successful campaign that will grow your business and assist taxpayers in need. Call or email our tax lien project manager Houston at 321-337-4172 and discuss how IRS tax lien marketing could be your next low cost source for high quality clients.

Largest Tax Problem Firm Goes Bust

Taxmasters Files Bankruptcy Petition

Not three months after tax problem resolution giant JK Harris shut their doors, the next biggest company in the industry looks to be on their way out as well. Taxmasters has filed for voluntary bankruptcy protection, which was announced on March 16th. Thanks to Jay Freeborne at Tax Problem Resolution Blog for bringing this story to my attention.

I’ve talked with dozens of taxpayers that have dealt with companies like Taxmasters and JK Harris, and one message is clear: these sorts of outfits are no match to what a reputable firm can deliver. It’s an exciting time to be the owner of a company that fixes IRS problems; how long will it take before another company with better marketing, pricing, and service takes its place?

Contact us today  to discuss how IRS Federal Tax Lien marketing can help your business reach more future clients. We offer customized services that will let you cost-effectively send mail to the freshest leads possible exactly when they need you the most. Call us today at 321-337-4172.

Attorney Marketing Issues

Tax Problem Resolution Attorney Advertising Restrictions

If you’re a lawyer, you likely know that there are significant Bar Association marketing rules to protect the public from unscrupulous counsel. Here in Florida, there is a plethora of rules one must abide by in order to stay within the regulations and keep one’s ability to practice law. Keep in mind that I am not an attorney- I’m an Enrolled Agent- and this should not be considered legal advice. Make sure to perform additional research before relying on the following information.

Each state has its own rules to abide by, but let’s discuss Florida since it’s where I conduct much of my business. The Florida Bar Association has posted resources for attorneys to use as a guide.

Here’s the main info page on The Florida Bar Advertising Rules.

And here’s some examples of acceptable marketing pieces, including letters.

Most importantly, here is the Handbook on Lawyer Advertising and Soliciting.

Even though I’m an EA and not bound by the restrictions (CPAs and EAs are exempt from Bar standards, of course) I went through some of the restrictions that apply specifically to letters Florida lawyers may send out. Here is just a portion of the restrictions:

  1. – Advertisements must be submitted to the Bar Association, and cost $150 to review.
  2. – The word “Advertisement” must be included on both the bottom left of the envelope and the first page of the letter. It must be in red ink.
  3. – It must be sent by regular US Mail.
  4. – It cannot appear to be an official legal document.
  5. – There must be a statement of qualifications of the law firm or lawyer.
  6. – If a contract for representation is included, it must be marked “Sample” and “Do Not Sign” in red and in a font one size larger than any other font in the sample contract. The words “Do Not Sign” must be located where the signature of the prospective client would be located.
  7. – If a lawyer other than the lawyer designated on the advertisement will handle the case, it must be stated to the client.
  8. – The first sentence of the letter must read, “If you have already retained a lawyer for this matter, please disregard this letter.”
  9. – The letter must disclose how the information about the perspective client must be disclosed. Because IRS federal tax liens are public records, this fact may be stated.
  10. – The nature of the legal issue cannot be disclosed on the outside of the mail piece. This means that attorneys can’t use postcards in marketing, since the information wouldn’t be concealed.

Yes, that’s a whole lot of information to include and exclude on a marketing piece if you’re a Florida attorney. It’s not even everything you must know! However, this perception of complexity keeps a large number of your competitors from advertising. Writing a compliant letter and using marketing best practices is the best way to get ahead in this business, and to effect people’s lives for the better through your hard work representing their interests.

Contact us today to get started with your new advertisement project. We’ll be happy to walk you through how using tax lien marketing can be the number one source of new clients to your tax problem resolution practice.

IRS Tax Liens in New York City

IRS Federal Tax Lien Records Now Available In NY and NYC is pleased to announce the availability of both continuously updated and archived tax lien records for the City of New York. This includes four of the five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens. These are some huge markets to hit for tax problem solvers interested in tapping a diverse new client base. In the month of September 2011. a slow month, over 800 records were published. And in January 2011, a high month, over 1,700 IRS liens were filed. We can go back as many weeks or months as you request to gather this valuable marketing information. Our prices for these records will be very competitive due to the volumes inherent in such a large market.

The counties of New York, Bronx, Kings and Queens all have IRS Federal Tax Liens available for purchase. These can be sorted by date, borough or county, minimum amount owed, and business or individual. Contact us or submit a records search to specify what sorts of records you want and let’s locate your future tax problem resolution clients!